Introducing NitroFIT28 a different Fitness Centre

Insert your text hereOur Gym, Studios, Fitness Centre is based in our wonderful Grade II building with modern facilities throughout the three floor layout. We focus on providing the best members experience possible which start with our well maintained private grounds and car parking through to our fitness and wellbeing areas within the building.

We operate a NO Contract membership arrangement, see our membership page for more information.

Our Reception is warm and welcoming which would not look out of place in a high end spa along with our members area. Our focus is our members, from a welcoming smile and assistance during each and every visit. We want to ensure every member feels valued and special as part of our NitroFIT28 community.
  • 2,000+ locations open (and we're just getting started!)
  • Unique concept that combines fitness and technology
  • We have small studios designed for the large groups
  • 1800+ franchises awarded in 30 countries worldwide